About Us

I created Nature Mama as a way to get my beautiful handmade soap out into the world. This business was created out of my desire to know what is in the products I am using. I want myself and others to be using products that are full of natural and organic ingredients. Your skin is your largest organ and we need to remember to take care of it and be careful of what we are putting on it and what is getting absorbed into our bodies.

At Nature Mama soap we use the cold process of soap making and make each of our soaps in small 3-5 pound batches. In cold process soap making you combine a mixture of sodium hydroxide (Lye) and water to your mixture of oils and then complete the process by adding your colorants, essentials oils, and any other special additives. The soap then needs to sit and cure for 4-6 weeks.

My Michigan soaps were created out of my love for the area I grew up in. They are the perfect addition to a vacation rental cottage or gift basket.

If you would like a special scent or shape created for a special event please email me. Handmade soaps make a perfect wedding favor and can be customized!


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